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Darlene Box

Darlene Box

Dr. Sachdeva has been my Doctor since 2003, and we lived in the vicinity of her office at that time. We had just moved from Hawaii and were looking for a new Primary Care and Internal Medicine Doctor. I first met her while I was at another appointment, and with another Doctor. She was introduced to me as the newest member of my then Doctors Team. From the very first moment we shook hands there was an instant ‘real’ connection, from the way she shook my hand to how she looked straight into my eyes and didn’t look away until we were through talking. I had an appointment with Dr. Sachdeva the first time due to my Doctor being unavailable and started seeing only her and even followed her practice when she moved.

It’s very rare to find a Doctor in today’s world who doesn’t pencil you in for that 10 – 15 minute time slot as to see all they have to in a day, but even rarer to find a Doctor that will call your house in concern because they haven’t seen you in awhile. Dr. Sachdeva is this Doctor. I’ve never had a 15-minute appointment with her, because she feels the necessity to take her time, and listen for any differences and to watch you as you talk as to pick up on anything you might feel not important, but she wants to check out just the same. She really listens, and she’s totally involved in your medical needs. She will work with you for as long as it takes to find whatever you are dealing with and take care of the problem and will quickly send you to a specialist to confirm and correct any health issues. I can and have called at all times of the day with a different health issue and have only to wait until she’s finished with a patient to hear back from her office. If I need to talk with her personally, I have always been able to. This too is such a rarity in today’s world where our Doctors stay so busy they usually have to hunt time to call in prescriptions at the end of the day. We moved a couple of hours from her office, and it would be so much easier to find a new Doctor in our little town. But, I would travel hours away to go to Dr. Sachdeva. I can’t imagine another Doctor ever giving me the care, concern and tremendously good medical treatment as she does. She also has a staff that is wonderfully good at their job and goes to the next level to help make our visits personable and easy. They have helped clear up insurance problems that I find daunting, but they approach with ease. I’ve never heard from them that we can’t get a certain drug because our insurance company won’t allow it until they have done everything they can to make sure it goes through. At times we are amazed at what they get approved that we might have trouble with.

Also, my husband who always favored male doctors through a military career, decided to choose her as his primary care doctor after observing the quality of care she provided to me. Both of us have experienced many very good doctors during our time in the military–Doctor Sachdeva ranks as number one in this select group.

As we approach older age, I do so with the security and knowledge that I have one of the very best Doctors working for me and with me in Virginia. I always say that I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have Dr. Sachdeva as their doctor.

Darlene Box

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