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How should I prepare for my visit with the doctor?

Try to obtain medical records and immunization records for you and your children prior to your visit. If you or anyone in your family have had a recent hospitalization please bring a copy of your discharge records. Please bring a photo ID and insurance information.

How should I prepare for a laboratory test?

Cholesterol tests require that you fast for 12 hours prior to the test. You make drink water anytime. For most other routine blood tests, no preparation is needed.

Can I take my regular medications prior to getting blood work?

Yes, except medicine for diabetes can not be taken.

How do I get my test results?

The doctor office will call you with results, whether it is normal or not. In some instances the doctor may request you to visit the office to discuss the results.

How do I get prescription refills?

Call your pharmacy and have them send us a prescription request.

At what age do children receive immunizations?

First vaccine is given at the hospital after birth. At the doctors office, immunizations start at 2 months old. See Pediatric Services page.

Will the doctor see my newborn baby in the hospital?

If you deliver at Fair Oaks or Reston Hospital, Dr. Sachdeva will take care of your newborn.

Will Medicare pay for a routine yearly physical examination?


What shots/vaccines will Medicare cover at the doctor’s office?

Influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis B (when medically necessary)

When are flu shots available?

Beginning of September – May (based on availability) each year.

Who should get the flu shot?

Everyone. It is especially important for young children, 65+, pregnant women, people with certain health conditions such as – heart, lung or kidney disease, nervous system disorders or a weakened immune system.

I am traveling out of the U.S. what travel shots do I need?

Check the CDC website for shot recommended for your destination.

Can the doctor look after me if I am admitted to the hospital?

Yes. Dr. Sachdeva will take care of you if you are admitted to Fair Oaks Hospital, Fairfax Hospital, and Reston Hospital Center.

Are x-rays and mammograms available at the doctor’s office?

No, but the doctor will refer to a center to get them done.

How can I get a copy of my medical records?

Please ask your new doctor to provide a signed release form to obtain your records from us. There is a $10 fee for transfer records plus 0.25 cents per page.

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